ECOLINUM is a trademark of linen products made by JSC “Pluošto linija”.  Its production methods are based on profound linen history and traditions.

ECOLINUM, the only company operating in the field of linen rug production in Lithuania, was founded in 2003 and continues activities with a team of professionals having many years of experience in their fields. Entire carpet production process -weaving to cutting, polishing, embossing, packaging and sales, takes place in reconstructed historical horse farm in harmony with nature. Each carpet is a handmade masterpiece, which allows you to combine several colors with several pile heights, pattern design, and rug shape/dimensions..

Production capabilities are wide; we offer a choice of highest quality linen, wool or mixed fabric in 76 different colors in several pile heights. Not surprisingly, linen fibers used by ECOLINUM are characterized by extremely high strength, hypoallergic properties and are environmentally friendly.  They keep one cool in warm weather and warm in cold weather. Several hundred square meters of production space allows production of even very large scale carpets – up to 10 meter length.

Since 2016 ECOLINUM is a member of the Lithuanian Design Forum. For more than five years, company has been actively co-operating with Lithuanian and foreign designers to implement their unique ideas, and adopting optimal solutions to meet highest quality and cost effective standards. Company participates in national and international events and exhibitions to present several national award winning products.