Designer: Vilma Baltuškienė

Dimensions: 180 cm x 160 cm

Height for me associates with freedom. Freedom with nature. Nature with perfection. Only when climbing to mountain or flying in dream, there is a tiny drop of feeling that birds always feel… Maybe clouds feel that too… Being above the ground shows how little you are in the Universe. Being above the ground lets you feel the sense of easeness and freedom. The world from bird’s view is wonderful. Human and nature should live peacefully with each other. With love and in harmony. Art is a way to let the nature into your heart, into your home. Without making any harm.

Andrius Repšys pictures from drone – beautiful carpets wich were weaved by nature. Nature creates perfection by combining different sizes, forms, colors and tones. Bright and subtle, for every interior. Carpets made from photographs are part of nature, which has infinite amount of colors in it’s palette.