Marija Puipaitė, kilimas Urbanistinis peizažas

Designer: Marija Puipaitė

We are used to carpets being flat and graphical objects. Contrary to this traditional point of view, designer Marija Puipaitė created the Urban Landscape carpet as a volume, inspired by Ecolinum technical samples, showing broad possibilities of different lengths, densities and colour options. Changing the scale of the former samples turned this carpet into an object of wonder, resembling an architectural creation. The Urban Landscape carpet plays quietly with different shades of grey. The gradient is highlighted with a gradually changing length of threads. The difference in heights gives an additional tactile experience. The subtle mixture of different colour threads gives a rich depth and the surface of a carpet reminds of an organic stone texture.

No wonder why the carpet refers to a minimalist architectural landscape, giving a feeling of silence. Nowadays we are constantly surrounded by visual noise  – an overload of information, colours and lights. That is why at home we look for a peaceful, muted environment. We need a place where we rest, clean our minds and recharge ourselves for the next day. Home is our private temple of calmness.