ECOLINUM at Paris Design Week 2017

September 9-13 Lithuanian design exhibition “Design Lithuania” (curated by the Lithuanian Design Forum) was displayed at “Now! Le Off” in Les Docks – Cité de la Mode et du Design as a part of Paris Design Week.

15 examples of what Lithuanian design pieces look like were showcased this year. ECOLINUM carpet “The Depth of the sea” designed by Sandra Sarapinienė was included in the exhibition.

The exhibition cycle “Design Lithuania” is showcasing the best of Lithuanian design throughout Europe, and even a bit further. It reveals the deep connection between the designers, their works and the Lithuanian landscape, and so it focuses on several specific topics. Nature, cuisine, folk tales and traditional materials – these various features of Lithuania’s natural and mental landscapes are closely linked in the designers’ works, allowing visitors to wander and catch the moist scents of Lithuania’s ancient forests, the surprising tastes of its food, the Baltic Sea spray and the buzz of honeybees.